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Heroes of Healthcare

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Why You Should Listen to Heroes of Healthcare


In our introductory episode, host Ted Weyn shares what you can expect when listening to Heroes of Healthcare.

You're listening to heroes of healthcare, the podcast that highlights bold, selfless professionals in the healthcare industry focused on transforming lives in their communities. Let's get into the show. Welcome to the introductory episode of heroes of healthcare. We're here today with Ted Wayne, the host of the show. My name is Leslie Cruz and I'm one of the producers of the show. Today I'll be talking to the host about what you, the listener, can expect from this podcast. But before we jump into that, ted, can you tell us just a little bit about yourself? Thanks, Leslie. Yeah, I've been in the corporate world for a little over thirty years and last section of my career been working in the healthcare industry and just continue to see story at the story of people who are just doing unbelievable things. A lot of the healthcare news we see in the market today covers tragedy and a lots of real terrible things and talk about the brokenness of affordable care act and people with preexisting conditions.

And often overlooked are those people who are just fighting it out on the frontline, slugging it out day in a day out, which obviously has become really more apparent during covid and of people are sacrificing their own lives and putting themselves out there to rescue and save other people. So we just thought it was time to recognize those people and highlight the heroic activities of the healthcare workers that are out there. Absolutely and tell me a little more about the podcast heroes of healthcare. Why exactly did you want to start this podcast? Yeah, so, you know, continuing on what I just mentioned, we see it, the heroes are not just only individuals, but sometimes they are groups of people and sometimes they're the facilities and the institutions themselves. We see hospital systems and we see local community hospitals, urban hospitals, rural hospitals really doing great work in their communities as well, you know, food banks, food drives, free medical care shots, diabetes checks, all sorts of things that are...

...really making a big impact in their community. And we want it again just to provide an outlet for those heroes, we like to call them, to be featured and shown that we care about them, we recognize them and we appreciate the work they're doing. So it's not only just the individuals who are there, but it's also the organizations who are doing some really fantastic work. Absolutely I love that. What kind of stories and what kind of people can listeners expect to hear from when they listen to each episode? I know you allude to that a little in your last answer. Yeah, I mean we want to reach out and talk to somebody who might be a nurse practitioner WHO's working in a hospital who's just doing some extraordinary things. We may highlight a physician who's maybe doing some cutting edge work that's going to make a real impact in some sort of disease or issue facing us. It could be, like I said, a facility who says, you know, we've done some work in this area and the whole team of people are to be highlighted and to...

...be featured. So they're just like the comic books, and that's kind of where we came up with the name. A hero can be the individual person or, as I least to love watching as a kid, there's the Justice League, where as the whole organization fighting crime and doing great work. So from our viewpoint, I think we're going to hear from a whole host. We might be hearing from somebody who's a nurse on an emergency room floor to achieve medical officer of a major institution, talking about the work they're doing in the community, the challenges the healthcare system is having. But again, in our view, those are people who are just making a difference in our lives. The organization I work for really talks about how to make healthcare staffing simple, but we also believe our why is because we think everyone deserves compaction and care and as a result of that, we just wanted to create an opportunity and to share those stories with the world. That's awesome. I can't wait to hear more of those stories. So how can listeners connect with you in case they have ideas for episode topics or guests that you should feature on the show? Yeah, we'd love to hear from folks, and specially we don't...

...have access to everybody out there who's make it a difference and we know so many people are. So they certainly can connect with me through Linkedin, at Ted W E Y N on Linkedin. I'd love to hear from them and they can connect to me there or they would be able to connect with us with our heroes of healthcare podcastcom website awesome. Well, that just about wraps it up for our introductory episode. Ted and his team are going to be taking over for episode one and beyond. Thank you so much, Ted. I am so excited to see this podcast grow. I think it's going to add a ton of value to listeners and it's going to really have a huge impact on the healthcare industry as a whole. So I'm really, really excited about it. Thanks, Leslie. We are too. You've been listening the heroes of healthcare. For more, subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player or visit us at heroes of healthcare podcastcom.

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